Celebrating 150 years

Founding of the Courant

How one man’s driving ambition helped found a newspaper that has flourished for 150 years.


Meet the seven men and one woman who have occupied the editor’s chair.


Join us in celebrating our 150th anniversary.

The War Years

THE war years were to prove difficult years for the paper, as they were for every newspaper in the country.


SEE how the Courant has been produced over the past 150 years from the days of hot metal to the modern digital age

A sense of history

A message from our managing director

Post War

ONCE the war was over, the Courant consolidated its position in the Tyne Valley to one of complete supremacy.

Through the decades

Take a trip down Memory Lane with photographs from the Swinging Sixties to the present day.

We were there when

Read excerpts from every Courant.